Pallet Flow Rack Forklift Training | Apex Video Training Series

Proper Load & Unload Techniques for Pallet Flow Rack   Pallet Flow rack is a hard-working, low-maintenance and high-density pallet storage solution commonly used across industries from food distribution and grocery to automotive, retail and more. Pallet flow typically is used to support first-in/first-out inventory rotation, but it can also be configured for push-back pallet…read more

Pallet Shuttle Automation Takes Dense Storage & Multi-Tasking to New Levels

Pallet shuttle storage systems are a semi-automated deep-lane storage solution that can increase throughput while freeing-up warehousing staff to focus on other tasks.Ā  The elements of a pallet shuttle system consist of a shuttle driven by a battery operated or electric motor that runs along specially designed rails installed inside the storage lanes. The shuttle…read more