When Does a Hit Become a Serious Blow – Apex Pallet Rack Safety Spotlight

  Pallet rack is designed to withstand some impact from material handling equipment, but when does regular use and some minor damage become a potential system or safety hazard?  A thorough and regular review of your pallet rack is the best preventative to rack failure, but what exactly is a thorough rack inspection? Your rack…read more

Securing Pallet Rack the Right Way… with Safety Pins??

  The image of a safety pin is quite different for material handling experts vs the general public, but the function is very similar; safety pins secure things in place. In roll-formed pallet rack, a safety, or locking pin, secures beams to uprights, preventing the beam from dislodging if accidentally struck by a forklift or…read more

Order Processing Systems –There’s Much to (Case)-Pick From

  Apex Gives the Breakdown on Case Picking Options Low-cost, high-efficiency case picking is a tall order, and with so many options to explore it can be daunting to create just the right mix of material handling solutions to tackle that challenge. The Apex team has decades of experience in designing customized case picking applications,…read more

NEW Mobile Pallet Rack Audit App Merges Tech & Experience

The Apex team is very excited to announce the launch of our new Rack Repair Mobile App, available FREE for both iOS and Android devices. Rack Repair App is the cornerstone of the Apex Rack Repair & Safety Program and the first mobile app developed to guide warehouse personnel through a complete pallet rack damage…read more

The Evolution of Carton Flow Rack Rolls-on… Raising Up a Super Warehousing Tool

Businesses evolve… or else; and so must the tools that make your business successful. It may come as a surprise that one of the most evolved warehousing tools of today is carton flow rack, but in fact, carton flow is being used to solve a multitude of warehousing needs. It has evolved into a multi-functional,…read more

2-Way, 4-Way, Plastic, Stringer or Pod… Pallets – a Crucial Warehousing Tool

What are the major components of your warehousing operation? Pallet racking, shelves, pallet handling equipment, employees and inventory control software are all an easy, “Yes”, but without one major item, your warehousing operation doesn’t get off the ground… and that’s the pallets. Experienced warehouse managers and logistic teams understand the value of selecting the right…read more

Pallet Rack Design – Is Your Aisle Width Working FOR or Against You?

Ok, so we’re poking a little fun here, but in all seriousness, it’s critically important to properly define aisle width in your pallet rack design layout. Basically, it’s a financial boon if you do it right and a bust if you do it wrong. Depending on the forklift type or types you are using, there will…read more

Going Up? Mezzanines – Looking at Freestanding vs Rack Supported

Mezzanines or work platforms are an excellent way to take advantage of often underutilized warehouse “cube” space.  By cube we mean the 3rd dimension… not just square footage but vertical space too.  You’re paying for the whole inside of your facility, so why not maximize every bit of it, right? Mezzanines can support office space,…read more