2-Way, 4-Way, Plastic, Stringer or Pod… Pallets – a Crucial Warehousing Tool

What are the major components of your warehousing operation? Pallet racking, shelves, pallet handling equipment, employees and inventory control software are all an easy, “Yes”, but without one major item, your warehousing operation doesn’t get off the ground… and that’s the pallets. Experienced warehouse managers and logistic teams understand the value of selecting the right…read more

Pallet Rack Design – Is Your Aisle Width Working FOR or Against You?

Ok, so we’re poking a little fun here, but in all seriousness, it’s critically important to properly define aisle width in your pallet rack design layout. Basically, it’s a financial boon if you do it right and a bust if you do it wrong. Depending on the forklift type or types you are using, there will…read more

Going Up? Mezzanines – Looking at Freestanding vs Rack Supported

Mezzanines or work platforms are an excellent way to take advantage of often underutilized warehouse “cube” space.  By cube we mean the 3rd dimension… not just square footage but vertical space too.  You’re paying for the whole inside of your facility, so why not maximize every bit of it, right? Mezzanines can support office space,…read more

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Gets a Double Take… with Twinlode®

Drive-in pallet rack is already a leading economical warehousing solution for high-density, low SKU, non-perishable inventory, but what if you could “super-size” it?  If you could build it to load double the pallets and do it faster and easier… that would that be called Twinlode®. The concept of the Twinlode drive-in pallet rack system consists…read more

Need More Capacity? “Push-Back” on the Idea of Expansion

Push-back storage rack is a go-to solution for medium to high-density storage needs. Typically designed to store pallets from 2 to 6 deep, push-back more than doubles storage capacity over standard selective rack… all within a condensed footprint which may just save the need for a major warehouse expansion. Three major pluses to push-back are: Increased…read more

Weighing the Options for Selective Pallet Rack Depth

The Pros & Cons of Using 42” vs. 48” Deep Uprights… with Standard 48”x 40” Pallets Industry experts agree that selective racking is the most common type of pallet racking.  It’s relatively simple in form and versatile enough to be used across a variety of storage applications.  The main components of selective pallet rack are…read more

Pallet Rack Frame Bracing: To Weld or To Bolt… That is the Question

At Apex Warehouse Systems we design and integrate both bolted and welded pallet rack frames in our storage rack systems. Sometimes we are asked if we prefer one design type over the other and the answer is (as is common in warehousing system design)… “Well, that depends.”  And most often, the answer comes down to…read more

A Few Well-Chosen Accessories Can Reinvent a Whole Lot of Pallet Rack

Shelving options and more open up a world of storage possibilities… While basic pallet racking consists simply of columns and beams there are a lot of affordable, easy to install, standard accessories for both structural and roll-formed selective pallet racking as well as cantilever racking that can help you easily customize and tailor your system…read more