Just the Right Ingredients Make Up This Food Facility Stew

A food buffering facility is a crucial link in the supply chain for a major food manufacturer.  This centrally located, midwestern facility consolidates goods manufactured throughout the U.S. to pull, pack and ship multi-SKU orders for waiting retailers.  Additionally, a buffering facility helps balance seasonally effected supply and demand for some goods by holding product…read more

Apex Fast-Tracking Customers to Accurate, Efficient Inventory Stream

Project Details: 795,000 sq. ft. of new warehouse construction Multi-level, split-case module Full case, fast-pick pick module 30’ tall selective rack for full pallet, partial pallet or case-pick selection Installed in under 3 months! Have you noticed that the Apex galleries have been filling up with pick module photos and videos lately?  Our customers have…read more

Pick Modules Double Up at Busy Kitting-Fulfillment Operation

Efficient and accurate kitting assembly and fulfillment is no small feat as you can see from this multi-level pick module… or from a 2nd multi-level pick module.  That’s right it takes two rack supported pick modules to get the job done and what better way to connect them than a “dance floor”.  There’s 268 pallet positions…read more

Product Ready to Roll into New 2-Story Pick Module

  A second level mezzanine was recently added to this multi-level pick module to handle additional volume of full case and each picks. Take a look at the before photo (right) and after photos (below).  The deck’s framework was completed during the initial installation in order to fast-track the 2nd phase as demand escalated and to avoid interrupting…read more