Safely Steer Your Drive-In Rack Operation | Apex Safety Spotlight

Drive-in pallet rack is a high density, deep-lane storage system configured to maximize warehouse space while storing high-volume SKUs. The rack is compact and efficient but requires a proficient forklift driver to carefully drive into the drive-in lane for pallet put-a-way and retrieval. Pallets are placed on heavy-duty rails that run the full depth of…read more

Drive-In Pallet Rack Forklift Training | Apex Video Training Series

Proper Load & Unload Techniques for Drive-In Pallet Rack We’ve installed our share of drive-in pallet rack for busy distribution centers handling large volumes of inventory with limited SKUs.  It’s a great dense storage solution maximizing both warehouse space and pallet storage. Unlike standard selective pallet rack, however, drive-in rack requires the forklift to physically…read more

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Gets a Double Take… with Twinlode®

Drive-in pallet rack is already a leading economical warehousing solution for high-density, low SKU, non-perishable inventory, but what if you could “super-size” it?  If you could build it to load double the pallets and do it faster and easier… that would that be called Twinlode®. The concept of the Twinlode drive-in pallet rack system consists…read more

Join Us for a “Drive-Thru” Pallet Racking

Deep-lane drive-in and drive-thru pallet rack – more unique high density storage options There’s certainly more than one way to store a pallet and several options to achieve high pallet density.  You’ve probably heard a lot about “deep-lane” storage for example.  Well, deep-lane storage can be achieved through a variety of pallet racking systems – pallet…read more