No one likes to see the scrapes and dings that chip away a shiny new pallet rack finish.  Unfortunately, these scuffs are inevitable, but there are a number of things you can do to guard against extensive rack damage caused by everyday use and forklift impact.  In addition to general safety training and maintenance procedures, the following pallet rack safety accessories and design modifications will help protect your rack system, particularly in the lower portions of the frames which take on the greatest abuse.

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories


Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Upright Row End ProtectorRow End Protectors – Row end frames typically see a tremendous amount of forklift traffic. Row end protectors, made of heavy steel sections and bolted across the full width of the row, help guard against inescapable run-ins with material handling equipment. Additional sections can be added for greater protection.


Column Protectors – Column protectors come in a number of shapes, sizes and materials. Added just above the base of the racking column, post-protectors shield the frame at the most critical impact point.


Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Cant Leg FrameHeavy-Duty Horizontal Strut – A heavy-duty horizontal strut is sometimes called a rub rail. It is a heavy horizontal section either bolted or welded toward the bottom of the frame to help absorb impact and prevent the pallet racking frame from bending or twisting.


Cant-Leg Frame – In a cant-leg frame design the lower section of the aisle-side column is bent inward at a slight angle, away from the aisle, to create additional room for the forklift outriggers.


Personnel Safety Accessories

Employee safety measures are integrated into every custom Apex product and system design.


pallet rack safety accessories nettingCapacity Signs – According to the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI) specifications, well-marked pallet load plaques should be placed in several obvious locations throughout the warehouse. Load plaques provide the engineered capacities of the pallet racking system used to prevent system overloading.


Safety Netting – Safety netting will protect your employees and your business from serious and costly injury due to falls or fallen objects. Apex has an extensive variety of netting options which we will customize for your application.


Highway Guard Rail – Installed in high traffic areas, Apex’s bright and abuse-resistant warehouse guardrail protects personnel, storage equipment and machinery.