Pallet rack damage is inevitable, but operational disruption, system downtime and costly repair are not. Now you can have a customized rack audit and repair solution using Apex’s unique two-arm approach…

For the hands-on customer who wants to manage their own inspections, we’ve developed the Apex Rack Repair App – a FREE easy-to-use mobile app that guides you through each audit step to identify damage and capture the specs needed for component evaluation and repair. And, for the business that would rather leave the audit work to the Pros… we have Apex Rack Pro Inspections. Apex certified internal auditors will conduct scheduled rack safety inspections and custom repair services based on your specific requirements.

Take a closer look and see which audit solution fits your needs…

Apex Rack Repair App

Apex rack repair

Put the safety and performance of your warehouse in the palm of your hands with the NEW Apex Rack Repair App – mobile app guided audit.

Apex “Pro” Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

Apex Pro Rack Safety Inspections

Leave the inspection work to the Apex professional audit team who will handle the rack safety evaluation for you.