Apex Selective Pallet Rack IllustrationSelective pallet rack is the most widely used pallet racking system offering a major advantage over floor stacking by accommodating a far greater number of SKUs per square foot.

For low turnover volume and high SKU differentiation this racking system is ideal. Aisles are located between each single or back-to-back row providing 100% accessibility to every pallet stored within the system and supporting FIFO product rotation.  There is, however, a noticeable trade-off in storage density as compared to other systems including drive-in, push-back or pallet flow.

Selective pallet rack systems can be designed using either roll-formed or structural steel depending on the product intended for storage.  Apex Companies design team will work with customer’s inventory, warehousing space constraints, through-put goal and within budget to design a unique system to meet their needs.
Apex Selective Pallet Rack

Advantages | Considerations:

  • 100% selectivity
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideal for fast turnover and high SKU operations
  • Supports FIFO inventory rotation
  • Requires considerable space for aisles
  • Limited pallet density per square foot

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