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Apex Push-Back Pallet Rack IllustrationPush-back pallet racking combines the density of drive-in rack with the selectivity of single selective pallet rack using a series of mobile carts that ride on rails within each row. A loaded pallet is placed on the upper cart within the system. As the next pallet is loaded, the forklift gently pushes the first pallet load back, exposing the 2nd cart. The process continues until all carts are used (typically 3-4 deep), with the last pallet resting on the rails. As each pallet is extracted the subsequent pallet flows to the aisle face for selection, allowing for highly productive pallet retrieval.

Push-back pallet rack is a last-in/first out (LIFO) warehousing storage solution and not appropriate for items with expiration dates. Additional vertical clearance is needed per level to accommodate stacked carts which may limit the number of vertical positions available. Learn more and see our video showing how it works.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • High density pallet storage system
  • Requires limited number of aisles
  • Ideal for high-volume, low-SKU applications
  • LIFO stock rotation
  • Minimized travel time for load and unloading
  • Full SKU selectivity for every pallet position

See it in 3D

Take a minute to check out Apex Push-Back in 3D – an up close and animated look at push-back in action.

Learn how it works, system components and accessories and see why push-back is a leading high-density, full selectivity storage solution. And when you’re done, call the Apex team for more info.

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