Apex Deep-Reach Pallet Racking If more storage spaces are required than your standard selective pallet rack can yield, you may want to consider a double-deep rack system. Double-deep is a 2-deep selective pallet rack that and is often designed in a back-to-back configuration with another 2-deep system. This layout reduces the number of aisles, thus adding more pallet positions within the same footprint but pick selectivity is reduced. Double-deep selective rack also requires the use of a double-deep reach truck.

Double-deep pallet racking systems can be manufactured using either roll-formed or structural steel racking components. Apex companies will work with you to determine the best pallet racking configuration for your warehousing space, inventory, throughput goals and budget.

Apex Deep Reach Pallet Racking Illustration Advantages | Considerations:

  • Provides greater density vs. single selective rack
  • Space-saving – reduces the number of aisles required
  • Reduces picking selectivity
  • Requires special lift equipment


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Apex Deep-Reach Pallet Rack Layout Image Selective Pallet Racking Formula and Answer