Now, you can put the safety and performance of your warehouse in the palm of your hand… with Apex Rack Repair App!

Apex Rack Repair is free mobile app designed to keep warehouse pallet rack safe and secure.  The easy-to-use tool guides you through each step to capture all specs needed to evaluate rack damage and determine required repairs.  Damaged racking is easily identified for any potential safety issues. The app also comes with an online pallet rack auditing training and video course to help train your warehouse team.

How it Works –

Simply find a damage location – load images, component measurements and specifications, which are all clearly outlined in the app, and submit your audit. With a click of a button, you’ll receive the following…

  • Comprehensive damage report for your records
  • Recommendations for repair and/or replacement from an Apex Certified Auditor
  • Apex quote for custom-fit, expertly installed rack repair kits

Take the Apex Rack Repair App on a test drive today – download FREE on the App Store and Google Play.

See our rack repair app in action

More on the App…

Apex Rack Repair App’s video training guides show you just how easy it is to get started. Take a look at our Upright Damage Audit Training Video.

Each step, from signing in and starting your inspection to capturing needed specs and submitting your final audit, is clearly explained and visually illustrated in the video and on the app.  All audits are saved on your app and submitted to the Apex team for damage and repair review.  Next, you’ll receive a damage summary report, followed by recommendations from the Apex Rack Repair team.  Start today!

Rack Repair Training Videos

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