Your pallet rack system is a major investment in your business. Despite a solid, engineered design and durable construction, pallet rack is put to the test every day from the strain of daily warehouse activity; pallet loading, unloading, forklift interface and impact. Inevitably this will lead to some form a component damage or failure. To protect your investment and guarantee the safety of your warehouse staff, it’s critical that you implement a rack system safety and maintenance program.

The Apex team can help with a few different options.

  1. Download our Free Apex Rack Repair App –  new, easy-to-use mobile guided repair app will help you and your team conduct your own audits to quickly identify rack damage and determine needed repairs.  Click here for more on the app!
  2. Rely on the Apex Team – request a schedule rack safety audit with on the Apex certified auditors.

A dedicated team of Apex Companies safety specialists will conduct routine assessments of your system to ensure compliance to OSHA safety regulations and the Rack Manufacturer Institute’s (RMI) design guidelines. You’ll receive a comprehensive rack inspection report with recommended steps for system repairs and maintenance. The majority of system damage consists over time vs. a single event. We will keep a detailed record of all damage and subsequent repairs, to identify problem areas and to implement procedural or design improvements.

Apex Pallet Rack System Assessment Areas

  • Structural Integrity
    • Frame and bracing damage
    • Beam deflection
    • Deviation from intended design
    • Hardware connections
    • Weld quality
    • Pallet Condition
  • System Application
    • Proper storage type for application
    • Loading/unloading procedures
    • Loading capacity

Apex will handle all on-site pallet racking repairs without disruption to day-to-day operations, using a proven, effective and affordable rack repair system.

Pallet Rack Safety Training – Let us train your team to know exactly how to recognize pallet rack damage, how to determine higher risk areas and when to report problems to management. We can also provide forklift operator training to show drivers how to safely operate vehicles and interact with the pallet rack systems to prevent injuries or damage.

Safety Accessories See our extensive line of pallet rack safety accessories to protect your rack system from forklift impact damage.