Warehouse Storage Pick Module

Pick modules are multi-level warehousing storage solutions that integrate a number of storage mediums, including carton flow, pallet flow, push-back and shelving with conveyor systems to create a highly productive order picking solution. By consolidating picking activity and reducing travel time, pick modules save space while improving pick rates and lowering labor costs.

A well-designed system provides an orderly, connected module where technology is combined with conveyor and sortation systems to move the product from in-processing through order fulfillment. Full pallets transferred from push-back, pallet flow, or pallet rack reserve storage are broken down into cartons and pieces.  Those items are then loaded into specially designed pick-areas to complete staging for order fulfillment. Apex Companies will design a custom system to fit your unique inventory, space and budgetary considerations.

Apex pick moduleAdvantages | Considerations:

  • Save space – by as much as 50% compared to selective rack
  • Reduce labor costs – by as much as 75%
  • Increase pick locations


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